He is, despite the odds stacked against him, still going, and in the live arena, he’s a raw, unbridled talent.

After his first show here at Brixton’s Jamm sold out, the unpredictable musician – now Peter, not Pete – has lined up a second gig at the same venue for the same evening. For both these acoustic performances, he is set to draw on his eclectic back catalogue which, to date, spans two Libertines records before their spectacular implosion, underrated Babyshambles debut Down In Albion and follow-up Shotter’s Nation, as well as his 2009 bona fide solo debut Grace/Wastelands, a record of poetic beauty that failed to trouble the charts.

On stage, away from the flickering flash of the paps’ bulbs, Doherty is a formidable presence, a livewire, captivating performer meant for the stage, where his unpredictable energy and air of intrigue make it impossible to turn your eyes away from him, even for a moment.

His legions of adoring, devoted fans, who are destined to make up the core of this evening’s audience, ensure his shows’ atmosphere is equally as buzzing.

Throw that into a small intimate venue the likes of Jamm, and you have all the ingredients for a stunning night. So long as Doherty remembers to turn up that is, and doesn’t get lost penning some paen to the crackpipe.

Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, SW9 6LH
Fri, Aug 17 | Doors at 6.30pm & 8pm |  £25
Tube | Brixton 


Image: Getty

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