Mark Wood is being sent mad by a Christmas song by the Wombles as he travels through the Antarctic wastelands around the South Pole. Wood is on a solo mission to conquer both the south and north poles on skis to raise awareness of climate change issues.

The song ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’, has been stuck in the explorers head since he phoned his family ‘At Christmas I did ring my family but afterwards I had a Wombles Christmas song stuck in my head. In the end it seemed like the rhythm of my skiing was even the same as the song.’ he said.

To make things worse, Wood lost his iPod on the second day of his adventure. Alone with only his thoughts for company, the song, written by Mike Batt in the 70’s, who also discovered singer Katie Melua, has been driving him slightly crazy. The Coventry-based adventurer is also said to be looking forwards to having a cheese sandwich on his return to his family.

One of the world’s most experienced and intrepid explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes has endorsed Wood and given him some encouraging words on his website “The North South Solo expedition is the toughest journey on the planet covering two of the most hostile and unforgiving regions on earth. I wish Mark every success in his endeavour and I encourage others to follow his journey.”

Let’s hope the wombles don’t drive Mark mad before he can complete the journey…listen to the song that’s been taunting him below, if you dare…

Main image: Mark Wood – from