Luckily, an answer is at hand with a scientist’s unveiling of a design that allows hungry folk to pile their salad three-foot high.

Chinese engineer Shen Hongrui has revealed a mathematically, geometrically and architecturally sound design for ensuring you get as much as possible on your bowl.

The theory revolves around building solid foundations – “choose dry and strong material” he says – and then following this up with walls built from cucumber and carrot. 

The fill the inside of this tower with the food that you really want.

Mr Hongrui was inspired to create this salad-bar busting recipe after becoming frustrated with the ‘one bowl, one visit’ policy in his local Pizza hut store in Beijing. His grand plan though, which has been widely adopted, has backfired with the chain removing all of its salad bars across the country. 

The art of ‘salad bar hacking’ is nothing new and has inspired legions of towering-bowl devotees, with websites galore dedicated to the practice.

Photo: getty.