A recent YouGov survey put Labour’s Livingstone ahead on 51 per cent, with Tory boy Johnson slightly trailing with 49 per cent. It suggests that the election in May will be a particularly close-run competition.

YouGov president Peter Kellner said a similar survey last June suggested that a lot of Labour voters were plumping for Johnson when it came to the mayoral race.

While Labour had a 51 per cent to 32 per cent lead over the Conservative party in London, when it came to selecting a mayor, Livingstone was behind 41 per cent to 48 per cent with the same voters.

The results of the new survey suggest that around 100,000 Labour voters have switched from Boris to Ken, with the idea that Johnson was “out of touch” with ordinary people leading a list of reasons.

Just 13 per cent of Labour voters said they believed Johnson was “in touch with the concerns of ordinary people” compared to 20 per cent in June. Conversely, 40 per cent of Labour voters believed it was true of Livingstone.

Only 12 per cent of Labour voters said they would vote for Johnson now, compared with 23 per cent last year.

Meanwhile, the “radical, green, left-leaning” Common People group is pressing ahead with its ‘Sack Boris’ campaign, which launched a set of colourful Oyster card wallets with the words ‘Sack Boris’ printed across them.

On the right-hand side of the fence, the Back Boris campaign lists the floppy-haired mayors achievements since being in office, which includes improving public transport. With a 44 per cent fare increase since he took office in 2008, you’d blimmin’ well hope he’d improved it.

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