Got a big trip coming up? Don’t forget to pack these gadgets and accessories.

Essential accessories

SHEWEE: Possibly the greatest invention known to woman, the nifty weeing device lets ladies pee standing up, with clothes on.

TREKKING TOWEL: Don’t waste valuable packing space on a normal towel. Pick up a super-thin lightweight travel version, which can absorb up to nine-times its own weight in water. It’s antibacterial, too.

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TRAVEL ESSENTIALS KIT: If you struggle to get your sleep on the move, this will work wonders. The kit has a neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs and motion sickness bands.

KATHMANDU HYBRID TROLLEY: Decent luggage is the most important thing for travelling. And if you’re stuck over whether to get a trolley or backpack, get this two-in-one. With lockable zips and front pockets.

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MICRO-PEDI: If you don’t have time to make your feet look lovely before you leave, chuck this portable, AA battery-operated roller in your bag to buff your tootsies to perfection when you arrive.

REMINGTON MEN’S TRAVEL SHAVER: Lads, don’t put up with a hobo beard when you’re trekking somewhere remote.
This portable shaver gives you 30 minutes of de-fuzzing time – handy when it comes to charming any beauties you meet on
your travels.

Techie stuff

TRACE ME LUGGAGE TAG: This little luggage tag safely stores your details on a barcode, which is linked up to the world’s largest property ownership register ( used by airlines, train operators, lost property services and the police. No more ‘lost bag’ anxiety.

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SOLAR-POWERED AND WATERPROOF IPHONE CASE: This absolute lifesaver, which is due to come out in the next few months, will let you take your iPhone into extreme situations. It’s waterproof up to 20 feet, dirt-resistant and has a handy solar panel on the back.

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Health boosts

Travelling means eating cheap and boozing lots. They’re not a perfect answer, but supplements will help you stay on form. Well Away make strips of supplements for each day, with multivitamins, immune-boosting vitamin C and omegas for memory, mood, and skin (which equals a better tan).
£9.95 for 7 days, £24.95 for 30

– Clare Vooght

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Top 5 Travel Apps

1. TNT: The new TNT magazine app will have entertainment and travel news, plus weekly travel deals. Out on March 3. Free;

2. FlightTrack: Stay updated on your flight details, with maps and info on departure gates, flight times and delays.

3. JetLag Genie: This incredibly useful app helps you gradually alter your sleep pattern so you beat the dreaded jetlag.

4. Onavo: Reduces the amount of data your phone uses to avoid hefty roaming charges. Free;

5. XE Currency: Don’t pay for a currency converter app – this one’s just as accurate and up-to-date. Free;