Mr Miliband came out with his confessions during a speech in which he showed that he’s not averse to looking in the mirror, like the rest of us, and going ‘Gah.’

He admitted that he had often tried to improve his image, and that his team were continually coming up with ways to improve his looks. 

“You can find people who are more square jawed, more chiselled, look less like Wallace. You could probably even find people who look better eating a bacon sandwich,” he told The Times.

Interestingly, Mr Miliband also claimed that he’s lose if he had to face prime minister David Cameron in a photo op competition.

He said that several of the PM’s pre-Downing Street snaps were impressive, and that he was impressed by the pictures taken of Mr Cameron in the Arctic and the ‘hug a hoodie’ pics.

Image credit: Getty