That’s because, for around £45, you can now send off a photograph of yourself, your significant other, your best mate, your dog, or anything else you like for that matter, and before long receive a new contraption that will burn the likeness onto your otherwise humdrum bread.

It’s all thanks to the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp., who have invented the ‘selfie toaster’ as the latest gadget in a line of unusual kitchenware.

The company, who do also sell a toaster which sears the delicious likeness of Christ onto your sliced loaf, take your photo and perform clever analysis of colour gradients and the like.

After the analysis they custom-make a sheet metal imprint, and into the toaster it goes, to produce endless crunchy replications of Aunt Mabel’s grinning face.

Rather eat your own head? Now you can…

Image credit: Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation