A leaked of the report from the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel also concluded that the riots were brought on by lack of confidence in the police, materialism and lack of opportunities for young people.

The report says: “We heard from many communities who felt that rioter behaviour could ultimately be ascribed to poor parenting.”

The panel, which surveyed local neighbourhoods in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Luton, found that 85 per cent of people questioned felt “advertising puts pressure on young people to own the latest products”.

The report recommends that schools should be financially penalised for allowing pupils to leave without being able to read or write, and says prison leavers need to be given more support to stop them from re-offending.

It adds that 500,000 “forgotten families” need to be helped so similar disorder doesn’t happen in the future.

Communities told the panel that young people must build character so they realise their potential, in order to stop them making poor decisions such as rioting.

Darra Singh, Chair of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel, says: “When people don’t feel they have a reason to stay out of trouble, the consequences for communities can be devastating – as we saw last August.

“The causes of the riots were complex and there is not one thing that will prevent them from happening again.”

The independent report, which was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg after the disorder last August, is one of several into the causes of the riots.