The scene Hidden speakeasies with elaborate entry rituals are nothing new in east London – think Callooh Callay’s secret room behind the wardrobe in Shoreditch or stepping into the Smeg fridge at Artillery Lane’s branch of The Breakfast Club – but this new pop-up rum bar on Broadway Market is better than its gimmick.

Yes, it’s hidden in the basement of craft brew and Mexican street food bar Off Broadway, disguised as a toilet (you’re required to flush to enter) – depending on your taste, that’s either totally awesome or lame hipster bullshit.

But once you’re in, it’s a super-snug place to hole up with friends for a long session whatever your proclivities, lit largely by candles and boasting a number of cosy old-school touches (dusty books, red leather sofas).  

The grub You can have food brought down from Off Broadway upstairs – think quesadillas and burritos from about £6. Don’t try ordering from the upstairs drink menu, though.

It’s all about the rum down here.  

Behind the bar A long list of rum cocktails, or order the hot buttered rum for two.

The latter is served in a cute brass kettle, and is utterly addictive (hot, buttery, boozy – what’s not to love?). We polished off three kettles on our visit. 

Bill please Cocktails from about £7.50.

Hot buttered rum for two is £12.

Verdict Well worth venturing down the dunny.  

63-65 Broadway Market, E8 4PH  
Tube | Hoxton 


Photos: Addie Chinn