If Obama and dear old Biden can do it, so can you!

US president Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden are appearing in a (it has to be said, bit stiff) workout video at the White House. The idea is to encourage young Americans to get fit.

After all, didn’t I read somewhere that if we all ate as much as the yanks, there wouldn’t be enough room for us all on the planet?

In the video, Biden walks into the Oval Office with a chirpy:”Mr President, are you ready to move?”

“Absolutely! Let’s do this thing, let’s move,” says the Pres.

The two then do a few warm-ups against the wall before setting off to jog around the grounds before drinking a politically correct glass of water to rehydrate.

“After a good workout, gotta drink up,” says Barack, “otherwise we’re gonna get in trouble with Jill and Michelle” (their wives).

The dialogue closes with a “Same time next week?”

If you ask us, once a week around the White House garden isn’t anywhere close enough.

And call that exercise? Judge for yourself.

Image credit: YouTube/Let’s Move