A flashing sign signals I’m in the right place. As I step through the not-so-secret door, I leave London (and my identity) behind – I emerge in 1943 Paris.

Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your Breton stripes, berets and baguettes as the people who brought you the world of 1921’s Peaky Blinders, are skipping a few decades and transporting you to another place in time…deep into the heart of the French resistance.

For those of you with limited French – fear not! On arrival you’ll be led into an intensive language classroom where you will learn how to ‘parlez Francais’, or at least how to master the “Fronch” accent.

Training complete you can visit bunker Charles de Gaulles’ to practice your “Fronch” while enjoying some smuggled French wine, or cocktails and lager if they are more your tipple.

A word of warning, though, you need to sound impressive enough to convince the Gestapo infiltrators, as you may be hauled into the operations training room for routine interrogation.

For those dining, you will be transported to a Parisian Bistro where a three course meal awaits you against a backdrop of check tablecloths, tasty vin and cabaret.

Post-dinner is when “Le Party” really starts as you swing dance your night away into the early hours of the morning.

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the resistance?

Maman Le Mot opens 9 September 2016, tickets are priced at £17.50 for entry only and £42.50 for a 3 course menu (Two dinner sittings: 7pm or 8pm) and are available from the website.