The coolest brands in the UK have been named in the yearly survey organised by SuperBrands UK, and Aston Martin tops the bill for the second year running.

Electronics giant Apple, long established biker brand Harley Davidson, watchmakers Rolex and high-end hi-fi brand Bang and Olufsen also made it into the top five.

Apple and Blackberry smartphones came close to neck-and-neck in the votes, with 47% opting for Apple over 43% for Blackberry.

The yearly survey which is voted for by consumers, businesses and marketing experts, has been published in a book and available online.

Interestingly at a time of economic austerity, virtually all of the brands in this year's top 20 deemed cool are luxury 'aspirational' brands dealing with products that the majority of consumers would be unable to afford.

"Cool is subjective and personal. But being identified as a cool brand by the British public and a panel of influential opinion formers implies it is a brand that most Brits wish to own." said chairman of the CoolBrands Expert Council and former brand analyst Stephen Cheliotis.

Coolbrands, a branch of Superbrands UK, has been compiling their approval list for businesses since 2001.

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Pictured: The Aston Martin Bulldog concept car from 1979