Day-long delays, overnight stopovers and crushed on-board seating can turn the once-glamourous tradition of flying, into a nightmare journey for some travellers.

So what are the most important factors Brits consider when booking up, to make for a more tranquil trip?

Travel search site this week analysed survey data from 1,000 Brits, on factors they prioritise when booking air travel.

When choosing the airline, price comes in of top priority, with 56% claiming it was of highest importance when choosing a flight for non-business trip.

Interestingly, price got more votes as a priority, than a precise time and departure, which for 44% of Brits came in second place, as most important factor when booking.

Direct flights (so no stopovers) were of upmost importance to 35% of Brits, whilst 22% of Brits find it important the airport is close to their hotel or end destination, to avoid having to travel far to reach their destination.

Less important factors for Brits when choosing flights are that the airline has received good user reviews – 10% stated this as most important. And 13% book flights as they know the airline well and use it often. A mere 7% of Brits choose a flight because friends, family or colleagues recommended the airline, though just 5% consider earning frequent flyer points important when booking a flight. Only 5% find airline awards or expert recommendations important when booking up.


It’ll be alright on the flight?
And when it comes to prioritising on-board facilities, a massive 39% stated state comfortable seating as their highest priority – so ample leg room and able to sit comfortably, so for example with a reclining seat.

Choosing an airline known for its polite and helpful cabin crew is a priority for 8% of Brits. With more airlines now offering Wi-Fi on-board, 5% of Brits now find this an important factor and 7% stated the entertainment system must be good.

Only 4% of Brits state they’d book up if the beverages are free. Conversely, 27% of Brits don’t prioritise any on-board facilities when choosing an airline.