Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding just got even more groundbreaking. Now those crazy youngsters, who have eschewed a big fat royal wedding for something a little more low key, are reportedly considering using Fairtrade gold for their wedding rings.

Garrard, the royal jewellers behind the sapphire and diamond monstrosity, er, engagement ring which adorned Princess Diana’s finger on her wedding day and is now being worn by Kate Middleton have approached Buckingham Palace to see if Fairtrade gold will be used.

Garrard is among 20 companies to launch the new gold, which has been ethically sourced and aims to prevent miners, many who survive on less than £2 a day, from being exploited and to tackle dangerous working conditions.

If William and Kate choose the fairtrade gold it will be another break with convention for the couple. Traditionally the rings for all major royal are made of Welsh gold from the Clogau St David’s mine in Snowdonia.

The thoroughly modern young couple have alread asked their wedding guests to donate to charity rather than buy them traditional gifts, and Kate will ride to the wedding in a car rather than a horse drawn carriage. But clearly they aren’t as down with the kids as they think because their their wedding is not going to be shot in 3D. Damn!

Palace rejects 3D royal wedding option

The loved up couple  are getting hitched on April 29. Some of us will get a holiday (Yay!) And some of us wont. (Boo!)

Not everyone will get Royal Wedding public holiday