In this day and age, where barely a week goes by without something being remade, or rebooted as the industry terminology says, it is easy to imagine that the rumours were true. 

Juno director Jason Reitman, son of Ghosbusters star and co-writer Ivan Reitman, assembled a cast for a live reading of the script at an event held at the Los Angeles County Museum of art.

Paul Rudd took on the role of Westley, US The Office star Mindy Kailing played the Prince Bride and Kevin Pollack was Miracle Max. 

The news of this event though was misinterpreted by the Twitter-verse, many of which understood this to be confirmation that the film was to be remade. 

NaomiMc expressed her horror at the thought of the film being remade, tweeting:  “’Don’t remake The Princess Bride. Don’t remake The Princess Bride. Don’t remake The Princess Bride. Don’t remake The Princess Bride.’

Others were more dramatic in their reactions to the idea of a remake, one fan even suggesting he may have to fly to the states and shoot everyone involved.

Reitman also held live readings of John Hughes teen classic The Breakfast Club, with Jennifer Garner and James Van Der Beek, and the Apartment, with Steve Carrell and Natalie Portman.

Photo: 20th Century Fox