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London is renowned for the job opportunities it provides for people from all backgrounds. It ranks especially high when it comes to financial, banking and trading services. Nowadays, experienced brokers can work from home by providing their services online. A CFD broker can log into a regulated online platform with user-friendly interface and trade in assets and cryptocurrencies no matter where they are located in the UK. Still, if you want to work directly for one of the top finance and fintech companies in the world, then London is the place to be. But while working in London will bring opportunities, it also means intense competition, and you must be driven and committed to rise to the top.

Higher salaries

Starting a career in London automatically puts you in a different pay bracket than the rest of the country – and there are many jobs that offer significantly higher earnings down the line than if you lived anywhere else in the UK. According to a survey undertaken in April 2019 by the Office of National Statistics, London ranks at the top of the median salary for full-time employees. At a median of 736 per week, London offers 123 more on a weekly basis than the second-highest region, the South East, and 152 more than the median UK salary, which stands at 585. Yet the downside is that the salaries also tend to be higher to reflect the higher cost of living at the British capital, where rent and commuting costs are significantly higher than the rest of the country.

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Diversity and culture

London is a multicultural city – and it shows. No matter where you come from or where you are going next, you won’t feel like a stranger here. London is home to millions of residents that were born outside the UK and boasts immense diversity across different nationalities and cultures. While the heart of the city is quintessentially British, you will find an array of festivals, places, and local gastronomy spots that celebrate different ethnic backgrounds. It is also the proud home of one of the world’s top cultural scenes, with several museums, shows, exhibitions and the globally renowned London West End. The perfect way to unwind after a hard week at work!


There is no denying it: commuting is probably London’s biggest downside. While the city’s public transport system does an amazing job of transferring millions of commuters every day safely and on time, the sheer size of the city makes everything that much harder. Unless your budget can afford a place right in the city centre, you are looking at a minimum of half an hour on the tube before enjoying a night out. On the plus side, London is well-connected when it comes to flying. With five major commercial airports serving London, it is the perfect springboard for a quick weekend getaway.

There are pros and cons to working in London. But for most people, the higher cost of living is counterbalanced by London’s status as a global financial and tech hub, ideal for anyone set on boosting their professional growth.