TV psychic Sally Morgan has been branded a ‘fraud’ after being caught on video wearing  a hidden earpiece.

The video entitled The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan, uploaded to her own youtube channel, shows the psychic removing an earpiece out of her left ear only moments after she had been talking to dead relatives of her audience members, The Daily Mail reports.

After a separate show in Dublin an audience member, calling herself Sue, claimed on Dublin's RTE radio station that she heard a man feeding information to Sally: “When the second half started we could clearly hear a man's voice coming from the window behind us."

The woman claimed Sally would repeat the words from the man's voice moments later onstage.

"Everything he said, the psychic would say ten seconds later. It was if she was having the information relayed to her", she claimed.

Sally Morgan's official Facebook page last week carried the statement that she is "to commence libel action in relation to press allegations that she is a cheat, following her show in Dublin".

Morgan claims that the only device she uses on stage is a microphone.