Why Singapore? A Rundown of Its History and Its Present

Singapore is a wonderful choice for discovery because of its historical exposure to the West, and its four official languages of English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil are a testament to this diversity. As part of both its past and present, Singapore has had a deep connection to both Western and Eastern values. That makes it the perfect point of interface for people looking for an adventure in a landscape that’s foreign and new, but not unfamiliar to the point where it’s disorienting.

For everyone who’s not so geographically inclined, Singapore is a major trading hub because of its convenient seaside location right under Malaysia. Its closeness to water imbues it with a historical touch of diversity sprouting out of its economic relations with other countries. While starting from dim origins with a small population, Singapore’s forward looking policies and great location have allowed its citizens to flourish – nearly 40% of maritime trade passes through Singapore’s natural harbor, the Malacca Strait.

A piece in The Economist paints the picturesque location and phenomenal development of the nation with great accuracy: “Singapore is, to use a word its leaders favour, an ‘exceptional’ place: the world’s only fully functioning city-state; a truly global hub for commerce, finance, shipping and travel; and the only one among the world’s richest countries never to have changed its ruling party.” The nature of the government itself along with the politics, people, and culture will be new things you’ll get to explore just by virtue of the nation’s setup.

What Do I Get To Do?

So you’re newlyweds or maybe you’re still engaged and waiting on your big day to come along. In either case, Singapore is the perfect fusion of the best values of both Western and Eastern realms and one of the best places to dive into something new without getting lost entirely – don’t forget that English is an official language there! Additionally, Singapore actively pours efforts into designing projects and has drawn $24.8 billion in tourism receipts from around 16 million arrivals.

So we’ve mentioned the location and its proximity to water as one of the biggest reasons for why Singapore has flourished. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the coolest and most unique aquatic attractions can be found all over Singapore. Aquariums, theme parks, incredible statues, islands, and romantic bay views are all part of what you can get out of a visit to Singapore. Here’s a brief list:

●       Universal Studios Singapore

●       Gardens by the Bay

●       Adventure Cove Waterpark

●       S.E.A. Aquarium

These are all perfect locations for events like a  honeymoon or events like the reception after your wedding vows. While expensive to arrange if you have a lot of people attending, your guests are sure to appreciate the huge range of people that Singapore can accommodate. Whether you think a static location where an audience can stop and gaze, an attraction that involves a lot of movement, or if even both are great options, there’s something for everyone.

Learn More About Yourself, Your Spouse, and The World

A key idea here is that Singapore is a nice fusion of the Western and Eastern spheres of the world, brought into existence out from its economic necessity. Since there’s a huge tourism market in general from the West to East and vice versa, Singapore represents one of the best places to start if you’re trying to get acquainted with new cultures and languages because the coexistence and prevalence of the West alongside many other Asian groups.

It’s a great place to see the genesis of new and interesting business ideas as well, as people are constantly meeting, collaborating, and working on new concepts or even testing them out. Imagine if you or your spouse have never seen a drone in your hometown before but suddenly you’re able to see groups of people flying them around like kites. What about electric cars?

There is a booming technological sector in Singapore that shows itself through various renovations that occurs continuously and rapidly throughout the country. Take the recently constructed, high tech Changi Airport for example, which cost around nearly three-fourths of a billion dollars to build and has incredible features like: “a fully automated check-in system including facial scanning and computerised baggage drop points, but some passengers struggled with the new technology.”

Overall, Singapore’s booming technological sector will allow you and your spouse to see state-of-the-art technologies applied as you browse various areas as a couple. Not only is Singapore a great destination for your wedding because of its existing and extensive accommodations for tourism, it’s own investments into creating a futuristic metropolis will make your jaw drop.