With their tables and chairs set up and some neatly cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ready to go they discovered that their picnic was floating away.

With a gust of wind their section of ice broke off and they began to float away. Luckily one of the tourists managed to jump off the ice to call for help.

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By the time rescuers arrived the remaining tourists were 10 metres off shore, sitting calmly in their chairs and probably eating the fourth tourist’s lunch.

As funny as it seems, Páll Sigurður Vignisson of the Hornafjörður rescue team warned of the dangers of having picnics on icebergs.

“They could have been in danger. We never know how ice will behave; if it rolls over and when – we just don’t know.”

Next time you whip out that tartan blanket for a jolly picnic on a Sunday afternoon, make sure you’re on solid ground.

Images: Getty, The Mirror