The mistake was soon realised and taken down before residents of Torless Terrace became a laughing stock. 

But instead of ending up in the depths of the Wellington Council basement or some student’s bedroom wall, the sign has been given a second chance.

After it was taken down, Wellington Council passed it over to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation who then decided to auction it off. The sign was placed on TradeMe where it was snapped up by the Calendar Girl’s strip club for a whopping NZ$920.

The misspelling of street signs to amusingly rude ones is not new for Wellington’s Council. In 2008 they misspelt Old Bullock Rd as Old Bollock Rd. That sign was also auctioned off in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Wellington Council might need someone to double check the spelling on their road signs, or they should just keep raising money for charity and giving us something to point and laugh at.

Image: Getty