It’s believed that the Duchess of Cambridge was due about five days ago, but he or she has yet to arrive. Our patience is running thin, and some of us, like the Queen, have plans.

Asked by a little girl in the crowd whether she was hoping for a boy or a girl during a royal walkabout in Cumbria, the Queen replied: “I don’t think I mind but I would very much like it to arrive because I’m going on holiday soon!”

The 87-year-old monarch heads to Balmoral for her annual summer break at the end of next week, leaving the Duchess eight days to introduce the world to the future (and possibly first female) heir to the British throne.

Yesterday the Duchess of Cornwall gave the strongest hint yet that a new royal baby will be here soon, telling well-wishers to expect a bundle of joy by the “end of the week”.

Over 300 excited citizens from all over the Lake District crowded the market square today in hopes to get a glimpse of the Queen. The young inquisitor Fay was one of 35 children who travelled from their school in Wigon, Cumbria, to see her.

Fay said: “We were talking about it on the journey down and it was the question everybody wanted to know. So I decided to ask.

“When I saw the queen approaching, I felt excited but a bit nervous. She was really pretty.

“I thought the Queen’s reply was a good one. After all, she wouldn’t want to have a baby while she was on holiday.”

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