How much do you really know about stopping distances? A new quiz from Wise Driving can help refresh your memory. It features some of the main issues you might be asked about on your theory test. Discover if you have mastered working out stopping distance and that you understand what conditions affect how long it takes for you to come to a halt.

There are a lot of reasons why understanding stopping distance is vital for driving. Stopping distances are key to keeping yourself, passengers and other vehicles safe. If you encounter a hazard or unsafe driving on the road, grasping the difference between braking distance and stopping distance could save your life. 

Stopping distances are also arguably the most crucial part of your theory test. If you are preparing to take your theory test, this quiz is a great way to check your abilities. Even if you have passed, you may have forgotten more than you realise!

With the UK weather being especially temperamental recently, your sunny car ride might switch to you driving in a thunderstorm in an instant. Make sure you recall how your stopping distance is affected by extreme conditions. Are you taking family or friends for a summer day out? You might not be aware, but the amount of passengers in your car can also affect your stopping distance.

Brushing up on your knowledge might even save you money! If you have a black box fitted in your car, your insurance provider will monitor how sharply you brake and slow down when on the road. They then calculate a driving score based on how you drive which will determine how much you pay for your car insurance. Knowing stopping distance inside out could end up saving you a lot every year. 

So take this quiz from Wise Driving to check your stopping distance knowledge and see how you fare!