And if you end up deciding to stay in the UK on a more permanent basis, you can simply renew your contract or even upgrade to a newer model! For expats and their families, it’s an ideal way to get around in a new country. A car lease allows you options far beyond public transport, giving you the ability to explore beyond London and the major cities, into Britain’s beautiful countryside.

At the moment, there is a huge trend globally towards choosing cars that have low emissions, be it fully electric models or hybrid cars. In the recent UK Local and European Elections, climate change emerged as a major issue, and there have been lots of protests including Extinction Rebellion. 

Electric cars and hybrids result in cleaner air for everyone and less noise pollution as they run quietly. For options that are low on pollution and friendly to the environment, there are plenty of electric cars for lease online

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Not only are electric cars and hybrids considered the right choice ethically, in many cases they can also be the smartest choice for your family economically. Charging up is a cheaper choice then fuelling up on petrol or diesel – and this is disparity is likely to become even wider as governments heap taxes on fossil fuels. 

There are other financial incentives too: some UK cities offer free or cheaper parting for electric cars, particularly at Park and Ride facilities, and in London they are exempt from the congestion charge, which could save Londoners hundreds of pounds each year.

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Buying an electric car or hybrid outright involves a massive financial outlay upfront, and this is not an option for many expat families. Choosing to lease instead offers the flexibility and freedom of owning a car, but without the difficulties attached.