The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the image of Weisz, ruling that it “misleadingly exaggerated’ the performance of the product in question.

L’Oreal admits to airbrushing the advert for Revitalift Repair 10 with Weisz’s complexion undergoing some technologically-enabled enhancements.

The decision has been welcomed by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence, who said: “The beauty and advertising industries need to stop ripping off consumers with dishonest images. The banning of this advert should act as a wake up call.

“Thankfully the advertising regulator has again acknowledged the fraudulent nature of excessive retouching.”

It is not the first time that adverts for beauty products have been banned for misleading the public about their products. An advertisement for an Olay anti-ageing product was banned in 2009 and L’Oreal ads featuring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and model Christy Turlington have also been banned for being misleading.