Variety is king

City Sound Project appeals to a wide range of music fans, with cool underground offerings form the very front of the tech house scene such as Samu.L and Darius Syrossian next to hotter than hot urban and grime acts like Big Narstie. Those who prefer live bands and beats can get excited about BB Diamond and COCO and the Butterfields, and there is also garage, bass and much more nestled in between.

Not all about music

CSP is keen to give back to the local community, rather than just rocking up, making a mess and leaving. As such they offer free to enter areas for the public to enjoy and afford locals the chance to see why it is so many party people have descended upon their town. Their arrival at the festival will also add diversity and fun to the crowds and will ensure plenty of surprises. 

Family friendly 

As dance music gets older, so do its crowds. Many ravers now have kids and don’t want to give up, and so it is that CSP cater to their needs. As well as the musical offerings, then, there will be family friendly extras such as art, poetry and secret sets from some of the festival’s biggest acts, all of which will keep the kids entertained. 

Canterbury’s best festival

There really is nothing like this on offer anywhere in the region. It is a brave and bold project that aims to offer something to all the music lovers hiding out in this beautiful part of the country. With its diverse programme, range of amazing venues and family friendly nature, it deserves to get all the support it can.

City Sound Project, Canterbury, 30 April – 1 May 2016.