Don’t wait until you get sick to register with a doctor in the UK.

Private treatment tends to be exorbitant, so chances are you’ll be using the National Health Service (NHS).

You’ll have to register with a doctor, before making an appointment.

Registering with a doctor:

  • Find a doctor in your local area then ring to see if they are accepting new patients.
  • Once you register you might be asked to come in for a free health check.
  • Doctors’ consultations are free in the UK — as is the contraception pill.
  • If you fall ill and you haven’t registered with a doctor, you can use an NHS walk-in centre. Medicine needs to be paid for, but pregnancy tests, the contraceptive pill, condoms, and other forms of contraception are free.
  • Dentists can also be NHS-registered, but you will need to pay for anything cosmetic as a private patient.