Décor reflects a chilled, laid-back, beach bar with its white and blue walls and rustic shutters. Sitting down I’m transported away from the dreary grey skies of London to a place where my main concern is what the wonderful concoction awaits me from the vast array of bottles I spied behind the counter; some with names I’ve never even heard of before.   

The bar is the brainchild of Richard Hunt who’s been crowned International Bartender of the Year three years in a row and he’s been behind the bars of Hawksmoor and Milk and Honey. What does that mean? You can expect bloody good cocktails.

The night I visit, he’s is on hand to suggest the easiest way to leave my day behind is with a gimlet called Penzance (English Gin, Chamomile & Honeysuckle, Cornish Manuka Flower) A thoroughly refreshing way to start the evening.

Richard’s passion for creating with bold and different ingredients shines out through the menu. My highlights are: Star of Nicosia (Dolin Dry Vermouth, Fig “jus”, Mastiha, Nocelara Olive Blend) and Bear’s Necessity (Honey-Bathed Cognac, Pineapple Rum, Malawi Mint Raki, Club Amaro). Flavours in both were hard to put your finger on, but tasted amazing.
The bar also serves a selection of fancy teas and food from the pantry.

Find out more at: www.onesour.com

Mint Gun Club, 4a Brooke Road, London N16 7JN