In the latest development from dog training schools, dogs are now being taught to have good manners even at the table.

Well, not exactly. However, Odin, a German Shepherd, has tried his hands at fine dining while snacking on a jar of peanut butter.

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He gets off to a good start by using his hands to unscrew the jar of peanut butter, but soon the taste overwhelms him and he begins eating straight from the jar.

He licks his hands to try to keep himself neat, but the temptation of eating straight from the jar always overpowers any cleanliness the filmmakers hope he’ll have.

In the background, a man is heard laughing raucously. Eventually, he confesses “I’m, like, crying”.

The clip has received more than 446,000 views since it was first posted two weeks ago.

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Odin’s snack time finishes only when he screws the lid back on and gets ever spare scrap off of his hands.

Although the degree to which he “eats like a human” might in question, the fact that Odin ditched the spoon and his self-control to begin eating straight from the jar shows that he might be a little more human than he’s given credit for.