Celebrating with two weeks of 1980s-theme nights, there was retro aerobics, space hopper races and Rubik’s Cube challenges galore.

We joined the party on Friday at the youngest branch in Battersea, which opened in May this year. With staple Breakfast Club quirkiness, we walked in to find a delightfully retro spot, complete with neon signs, black-and-white checkered flooring, and even an old-style launderette area. I kept getting distracted from my conversation thanks to cool and quirky knick-knacks dotted around – from Top of the Pops vinyl records and old Playboy magazines to a tribal statue with a giant gold cock placed between its carved boobs.

With an outdoor area, a diner where you can enjoy the city-renowned breakfasts (and lunches and dinners) and a bar with a leather-bound cocktail list ready to be shaken into life by mustachioed bar tenders, you could easily spend the whole day and night here if you so wished (and why not?).

We spent our particular evening in the launderette area, playing Connect 4 and drinking tequila on The Breakfast Club’s special speed dating night. Ending the event with a silent disco, people who were strangers mere hours ago were now mouthing ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’ to each other and throwing some seriously dodgy moves. It may not have helped us pull, but we sure as hell enjoyed ourselves.

Happy birthday Breakfast Club – here’s to many more happy years and tequila shots.