In London it seems you’re never more than three minutes from the nearest convenience store, but Richmond Park is one place where you’ll need a backpack of food and drink to keep you going.

OK, so it’s not massive in comparison to a national park, but for an oasis of green in a big, crowded city like London, it’s e-bloody-normous.

It’s big enough to easily justify a full day out instead of just a quick stroll – at more than 1000 hectares it has a wonderful, out-in-the-country feel, with woodland and fields.

There are also herds of deer grazing contentedly, seemingly unfazed by onlookers. Don’t get too close though – they’ve got massive antlers.

The best way to explore the park is to start from Richmond Gate, a 15-minute walk from Richmond Tube station.


» Off Richmond Hill, TW10 5HS Richmond (

Verdict: Too Deer