Martinez, 39, has secured a four-year deal at the Toffees and has made his ambitions clear after a mixed year with Wigan in which the club was demoted by made the Europa League after winning the FA Cup.

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright said: “When David [Moyes] first came to see me, we were in a bad state. His first words, were, ‘we are not going down’.”

“Roberto’s first words were, ‘I will get you into the Champions League’.”

“He had obviously studied the football club, and recognised what David Moyes had achieved,” Kenwright said of his meeting with the Spaniard.

“But when we met he sat and talked to me, and showed me how he beat Manchester City at Wembley in the final [of the FA Cup]. I went to that game, and sat among the crowd to look at Roberto.

“He understands the game and Everton. He told us about our history and what he wanted to do. It was a terrific meeting.”

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