Soup (ciorbă) begins most Romanian meals for the adventurous amongst you try ciorbă de burtăa tripe soup, for those who like to play it a bit safer there is ciorbă de perişoare a vegetable & meatball soup or ciorbă de potroace a poultry and cabbage soup.

For mains try the sarmaleusually spiced pork & rice rolled in cabbage leaves however you can also get beef, sheep, poultry or fish. A pork stew with a spicy tomato sauce often topped with a runny fried egg known as Tochitură. Smoked sausages are also a speciality of the region known as cârnați afumați often flavoured with paprika, salt, cumin & garlic – they are rather delicious!

For something sweet try the Papanash with cow cheese & blueberries (Papanași cu brânză de vaci și affine) but there are also plenty of strudels, cakes & crepes (clătite) to be had also



One of Europe’s largest of wine producers the Romanian wine has some way to go to equal some of it’s European counterparts. To drink like a true local try the ţuică a plum brandy.



The tap water is considered safe to drink however it may be best to stick to bottled water.