Here’s our top 10 destinations to get romantic in (or even pop the question) this Valentine’s Day.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Take a seat on the winding multi-coloured mosaic tiled bench-wall at Gaudí’s famous Park Güell overlooking Barcelona – probably the coolest city in the world.

Pack a picnic with some tasty Spanish treats from the market off La Rambla and don’t forget to include a nice bottle of something fizzy.

 2. Nile River, Egypt

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Indiana Jones, why not take her on a romantic cruise down the Nile and dazzle her with your knowledge of ancient Egyptology.

The world’s longest river offers a kaleidoscope of colours as it winds its way past desert cliffs, lush green riverbanks and ancient towns. Pop the question over a sunset cocktail.

3. Blenheim Palace, England

This is the perfect option for the bloke who is terrified of sneaking his massive rock past airport security.

Hire a classic convertible for the day and take her for a spin out to Blenheim Palace, about two hours’ drive out of London.

Birthplace of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is home to some of the most amazing country gardens in England.

If she isn’t bowled over by your Jenson Button driving skills, James Bond-esqe charm or tasty picnic treats at least she’ll love the ring.

 4. Istanbul, Turkey

This is the city to go to if you want to propose with the X-factor.

The best time and place to do it would have to be at dusk on a rooftop terrace just as the mosques come to life.

Most hotels in the Old Town have roof bars, many with spectacular 360 degree views.

When the bellow of the call to prayer combines with the sunset, the city takes on a euphoric atmosphere.

5. Bordeaux, France

If she likes her red wine then whisk her away to Bordeaux for a naughty weekend. Hire a cute little farm cottage with a warm open fireplace.

Spend the day touring the local vineyards and buy a special bottle of plonk to crack open in the evening.

Whip her up something amazing for dinner, or for those less able, lay out a picnic of local cheese and meats and curl up in front of the fire.

When the moment’s right, grab the corkscrew and pray to God it isn’t corked.

6. Epernay, France

The quaint old Champagne houses scattered around Epernay and Reims offer some amazing places to pop more than just corks.

I asked my girlfriend the big question inside Moet & Chandon’s cellar in Epernay.

Here’s a tip: before you arrive arrange to have a cold bottle of bubbly put away in the fridge for you.

They don’t sell Dom Pérignon cold.

7. Paris, France

Get lost roaming the cobblestone laneways in Montmartre in Paris before slipping inside one of the many cool little bars visited by the local bohemian artists. Order a flash bottle of French Champagne and go for it.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Take her to the Christmas markets in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and present her with a special early Christmas gift.

9. Reykjavik, Iceland

Propose in the middle of a glacier as the winter sun sets turning the sky into an artist’s palette of orange, pink, yellow and purple.

10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Get down on one knee while taking a stroll at sunset on top of the walls circling Dubrovnik’s Old Town.


Words: Richard Finnila