Check out five of the UK’s best royal attractions

Windsor castle

What: One of Queen Elizabeth II’s official residences, and her favourite weekend home, Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. Take a stroll around Her Majesty’s 26-acre backyard but be sure to check your shoes for Corgie presents before touring the interior State Rooms, which are furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection.
The damage: £16.50
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Osborne House

What: A visit to the Isle of Wight isn’t complete without a trip to Osborne House, home to Queen 
Victoria and her family during the late 1800s.The royal summer-pad is still decorated with original furnishings, so take a tour 
to get a real sense of how the other half lived.
The damage: £11.50

Forest of dean

What: Sited in Gloucestershire, these enchanting and ancient woodlands, that inspired 
JRR Tolkien’s masterpieces, were reserved for royal hunting before 1066.
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Balmoral castle

What: Set in the rolling green fields of the Scottish Highlands, this royal residence is so picturesque you’ll half- expect a fire-breathing dragon to swoop down and cut your visit short.
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Tower of London

What: The capital city castle is home to the Crown Jewels, 23,578 world-famous stones 
set in priceless heirlooms. 
If jewellery isn’t your thing, there’s always the good ol’  torture chambers.
The damage: £19.80