Rugby league legend Garry Schofield has blasted the selection of Rangi

Chase in England’s Four Nations train-on squad – just four months after

he played against them.

Chase, who this week won the Super

League’s Man of Steel award as the competition’s best player, played for

the Exiles in the international Origin match against England in June in


However the former St George Illawarra player has decided to switch his allegiance from New Zealand to England.

“It may be in the rules but, morally, this is bullshit,” Schofield fumed.

The rules regarding international eligibility in rugby league have for a long time ranged from rubbery to farcical.

And the Chase situation is certainly not going to help the credibility of the sport at international level.


Castleford star, who has never played for New Zealand, qualified under

residency grounds in the UK despite playing for the Maoris against

England last year.

“England, in particular Castleford, is my home now and I want to lay my long-term roots here,” said the 25-year-old.

“Getting selected for England will be my greatest honour.


have an English girlfriend and signing a new contract with Castleford,

last week, was a big deal for me. I don’t want to play anywhere else.

“I have resurrected my life in England and feel more at ease here than anywhere else in the world.

“I spend all my time at home and don’t go back to New Zealand in the off-season.”

Australia open this year’s Four Nations competition against New Zealand on October 28 in Warrington.