It’s also why so many of us come backpacking here.

But this YouTube video, which has gone viral since it was posted on Tuesday, takes things to a whole new level if you ask us…

Running into a tornado to take a selfie? In the Outback?

Mental, yeah?

But is it real? Or is it a big fat fake?

In the footage, the man can be seen driving alongside the “Willy Willy” (that’s Aussie for small tornado) and heads in for a closer view.

“I’ve been watching this Willy Willy forming, check that out,” he says in a thick Aussie accent (his accent is so thick we had to watch it a few times to figure it out!). “That is one of the big ones I’ve seen in a few years. That is daredevil status right there. Far out.”

He then exclaims, “If I can run into this thing …” and heads towards it.

“Jesus Christ, he’s huge,” he screams, before the tornado changes direction and heads straight at him.

As he runs screaming and swearing back to his car, dust appears to surround the windows and the car goes into darkness before the tornado passes by.

But here’s the thing…

It was posted by Terry Tufferson, whose video of a great white shark in Sydney Harbour earlier this year turned out to be a fake. A cleverly made one, but still a fake.

Have a look and judge for yourself. We’ve included the shark fake for good measure.

Is this a fake?

This was…

Image via Youtube/Terry Tufferson