According to Mail Online, Mr Bogdanov had initially found the locals very friendly, but everything changed when he rang a ‘sacred’ bell during a trip to a temple.

Speaking to Mail Online, Mr Bogdanov said: “Apparently the bell is only rung on sacred days when somebody dies, and before I knew it was, a mob rushed up to the temple and I was dragged out onto the streets.”

Monks pulled him away from the aggressive mob, but he was left to make his own way to a medical centre, where doctors apparently did nothing more than give him a few bandages.

Mr Bogdanov lost his money and paperwork in the fray and his mother has flown over to be with him – but he cannot return home until they are replaced.

The 28-year-old has appealed to Putin to help him sort out his travel arrangements via the Russian Embassy in Mumbai.

Image credit: Thinkstock