With a wedding to plan and a newborn to adore, the Australian pop star also has an upcoming single, Kid, released in connection with Dreamworks’ latest spring release, Mr Peabody & Sherman.

Having become a father for the third time in January, Andre adds another child to his growing brood. With Junior, Princess Tiaamii and now baby Amelia (as well as adopted son Harvey), the reality TV star has his hands full.

Andre performs Kid in the latest blockbusting animated film to hit these shores. It’s a movie that, when the characters aren’t racing through the past, or fixing the threat of a space-time continuum with the help of Albert Einstein and Leonardo DiVinci, reflects on the complicated role of being a parent.

The upbeat tune reflects well on the relationships Peter has forged within his own family. With the birth of baby Amelia so close to the film’s release date, “the timing was unbelievable,” announced a very happy Mr Andre.

Peter’s older children have reacted with glee to their Dad featuring in an animated film, though Andre explains that the kids were rather slow to respond at first.

“It was really weird because I told Junior and Princess, ‘Dad’s done a song for this film Mr Peabody and Sherman‘ – but they just played it so cool. They walked off and I was like: ‘Oh, thanks, Kids!’ Flash forward two weeks later and Junior comes up to me and says, ‘Hey Dad! There’s this film, Mr Peabody and Sherman, we gotta go watch it!’ I was like ‘Son … I told you!'”

Kid will now be linked in a special way to all of Andre’s children. He was especially pleased at being able to incorporate a rock ‘n’ roll element into the song, something the Mysterious Girl singer hasn’t previously had the chance to do.

Asked if he thinks his children will follow him into the limelight, Peter reflects for a minute: “I think Junior could but I somehow feel my daughter would want to do something completely different.”

The star likened his relationship with his son to that of the titular characters of the film.

“Their relationship very much mirrors mine and Junior’s relationship. Mr Peabody & Sherman are me and Junior to a T. All the bad jokes, the puns – that’s me through and through!”

He may tell cheesy jokes, but it’s clear that Peter isn’t doing too badly at the whole ‘Dad’ thing: he’s already won three ‘Dad of the Year’ awards, for a start.

Andre has gushed that the new baby takes after her mother, 24-year-old medical student Emily MacDonagh – though he says she’s inherited her dad’s nose, and is looking into the idea of hosting two separate weddings, to celebrate his Greek heritage alongside a traditional English wedding. That’s a lot of planning. Anything else on the horizon to keep his mind focused?

“Hair care products, my calendars, and we are relaunching a new summer fragrance. I’ve got my column in New magazine every week too. Then there’s my programme, Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover, and I’m in talks with ITV at the moment too.”
Throw a fair few nappy changes into the mix and it’s obvious Peter Andre is one busy man. 

Peter Andre’s new song Kid is the UK’s official track for the new Dreamworks animation Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Image credit: Shutterstock