Ryan Giggs is in the spotlight again for alleged extra-marital affairs – this time for an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife.

The Manchester Unite star was in a relationship with sister-in-law Natasha, 28, The News Of The World claims in a ‘world exclusive’.

The multi-millionaire hit the headlines just weeks ago after being named in conjunction with a superinjunction over an alleged affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

The Sunday newspaper reports Giggs first met Natasha in 2003 when she was single and that they slept together on the first night.

The tabloid also claims Giggs, 37, slept with Natasha, who is married to his younger brother Rhodri, behind his wife Stacey’s back while she was pregnant. And that the pair saw each other as recently as April 9.

Today, The Sun reports that Rhodri and Natasha have split due to the allegations, with Rhodri telling the newspaper: “I was with her on Saturday but I’m not with her now.”

Natasha, who said she decided to tell the story after she confronted Giggs about Thomas, reportedly told a friend: “I thought he felt a lot about me and respected me – but clearly he didn’t. Our relationship was just about sex for him.

“When I found out he was cheating with Imogen, I was really hurt. He wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too.”

She is believed to have confessed the affair to Rhodri, 34, over the weekend before going into hiding.

A friend said: “Rhodri is devastated – he just can’t get his head round it.

“Natasha just wrote him a letter and disappeared, she didn’t even tell him face to face.

“Rhodri said she’s ruined his life.”

According to the dailyrecord.co.uk, the friend continued: “Ryan called him but he’s still denying everything. Rhodri is disgusted with him.”

Natasha reportedly told a friend: “It’s important to me that everybody knows about what really happened rather than believing rumours.

“Ryan and I have already had an affair for eight years. What’s to say it wouldn’t have carried on for another eight years?

“It’s a terrible secret I’ve had to keep for too long. I don’t want it weighing on my conscience any more. It’s not fair on Rhodri, my kids or anyone else involved.”

When the story broke on Sunday, Imogen wrote on her Twitter page: “I just wanna curl up and die today.”

Giggs is said to have met Natasha at the Sugar Lounge in Manchester when she was 20. And although she was engaged to Stacey at the time, the Sunday newspaper claims they slept together on the first night, regularly meeting up to have sex.

Rhodri proposed to Natasha in 2005 and they now have two children.

Imogen’s advisor, PR guru Max Clifford, said the former Miss Wales was “shocked and upset” by the claims.

He added: “The irony is that what came to light was as a result of taking out an injunction that led to Natasha realising what had been going on.

“A huge own goal comes to mind, because if he had kept quiet about Imogen it would never have come out.

“All the superinjunction has done is turn a bad situation into an absolute nightmare.”