She told TV Biz: “Girls are bitchy. We’ve all got big egos and the girls just couldn’t work as a team, no matter who was project manager.”

The women’s team lost a task to design and sell a piece of flat-pack furniture, the third time they’d lost in a row, which according to Sophie, is because they just couldn’t work together.

Sophie’s team, Evolve, only sold 174 of the “TideySidey” — a storage unit, tray and stool. The boys’ team, Endeavour, sold 3,216 of their “Foldo” — a table which turned into a chair.

Sophie said her team member Uzma Yakoob should have been fired instead and was annoyed with Luisa Zissman for being unable to make a sale.

The restauranteur is now behind dancer Francesca MacDuff-Varley to win. She said: “Francesca’s great. She’s a lovely girl, she’s been a bit under-rated in the early process but will really shine through.

“She’s got years of experience and she knows what she’s doing. I’d love to see Rebecca (Slater) and Fran reach the final.”

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