We’ve all done it – followed the sat-nav the wrong way down a one-way street, down a road that wasn’t actually a road or taken a left when you should’ve gone right.

But a woman from Belgium has taken it to the extreme with a mindboggling 1,800-mile detour through six countries after her sat-nav system went wrong.

Sabine Moreau, 67, had intended to drive to Brussels from her home in Solre-sur-Sambre to pick up a friend from the train station.

But, thanks to complete lack of attention, she took a wrong turn and ended up 900 miles away in Zagreb.

Ms Moreau crossed several borders, but didn’t stop to question her journey until two days later when she realised that she may not be in Belgium any more.

“I saw all kinds of traffic signs. First in French, then in German – Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt,” she told a Belgian news website. “I didn’t ask myself any questions. I was just distracted, so I kept my foot down.”

According to reports she crossed through France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia before finally getting to Croatia.

Then she faced another 900-mile journey back home.


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