It’s also one of Spain’s tapas capitals and there are hundreds of bars serving mouthwatering morsels. Seville’s Cathedral is huge, a mix of styles from gothic to moorish and one of the city’s main drawcards. Huff and puff your way to the top of the belfry of the Giralda for a stunning view. 


Where to stay

Oasis Hostels Seville

The Oasis Backpackers´ Hostel is located in the center of Seville, the cultural heart of the city and steps from all of Seville’s most racous nightlife

Oasis Hostels Palace

Housed in a completely restored turn of the century Palace designed for interaction with other travellers, complete with our famous rooftop pool, Indoor and outdoor terrace bar…

A couple of hours by bus from Seville is Granada – home of Spain’s most celebrated building – the Moorish masterpiece that is the Alhambra. Get up early and visit this sprawling compound which includes glorious gardens, an incredible  fortress and churches that were once mosques.


Where to stay

Oasis Hostels Granada

Oasis Hostel is where time slows down just enough to feel what it would be like to actually live in Granada and not just stay in it.

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