”Don’t have sex the with passengers.” When you work on a boat, that’s the number one rule.

If you really, really must, do it on the last night. Otherwise, not only will you have the awkward morning after to deal with, but you end up having to avoid the customer for the rest of trip. Not fun on a multi-day tour.

I worked on a sailing boat in Cairns. It was a small boat and I started a relationship with another worker.

It was perfect at first. All smooth sailing, nothing but calm seas and blue horizons, as far as the eye could see and those romantic nights sleeping on the deck under the stars.

It was full on: six days and three nights on the boat. Plus we ended up spending our days off together as well. It was lovely and convenient… until it wasn’t.

I left him after a few months and working on the same boat became a nightmare. He told lies to our boss and the atmosphere on board went from bad to worse.

I wanted to get out of the boat faster than a passenger on the Titanic.

It was definitely time to move on and make another rule: don’t f*ck anyone you work with on a boat.