ONCE I KISSED A GUY and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.

Thanks to my nut allergy, going to hospital isn’t new to me.

This time it was a goodbye kiss from a guy that I went out with for the first time, in Surfers Paradise.

The guy had obviously eaten something containing nuts just before pushing his lips against mine.

In a few minutes I started to have difficulties breathing and we took a taxi to the hospital.

The guy was scared that I would die and promised never to eat nuts again.

We went out a few times after that, but I stopped seeing him because he wasn’t a very good kisser anyway.

A year later I was on another date. A guy from New York took me to the Victoria Room, a fancy restauran in Sydney. He tried to impress me by ordering a special cocktail.

It sure was special – there was almond liqueur in it! So off we went to hospital again.

Once there, he treated me like a kid and talked to the doctors like I wasn’t there.

It was all I needed to realise he wasn’t the guy for me. So, some good has come from my bad reactions.