When appearing on a talent show, the biggest challenge can often be picking the perfect song to perform.

For the student comedy troupe on Russian TV show KVN, their decision to cover late-90s dance classic ‘Freestyler’ by the Bomfunk MC’s was either inspirational or unintentionally hilarious, depending on your point of view.

The original was an excuse for thousands of school kids to attempt to beatbox in the playground, but this new version trades in bass and beats for a bizarre spitting sound and dead pan rapping.

The end result is comedy perfection, complete with one girl reading the lyrics off a piece of paper and what looks like an on-stage squabble over the mic.

As if things couldn’t get any better, it ends with one of the singers eating the lyrics sheet, before the stage is invaded by a fake SWAT team, accompanied by cardboard Alsations.

We’ve no idea if it makes any more sense to its Russian audience (probably not going by the bemused faces of some of the crowd), but they say that laughter is a universal language.

Image via youtube