A Kiwi woman severed her hand during a sex romp on a Croatian yacht.

The 28-year-old New Zealand woman was having sex with a British man on a bathroom sink in a yacht when the sink broke, severing the woman's hand.

Luckily, surgeons in Split managed to reattach the woman's hand during a six-hour operation.

Police spokesman Kraljevic Gudelj said: "It appears they were engaged in a passionate act in the bathroom where at some stage the sink broke _ leaving a jagged edge that severed the woman's hand when she fell to the floor.

"The young woman almost died, and was only saved after she was airlifted to hospital where doctors managed to reattach the severed limb. It had only been attached by a small amount of skin.''

The British man, who the woman met in Croatia, apparently fled the scene and police are now trying to track him down.

"We believe it was probably an accident but the British man has fled and the New Zealand girl is understandably hard to speak to at the moment. We want to track him down to find out his side of the story,'' Mr Gudelj said.