Ryan Giggs’ affair sister-in-law is claiming he aborted their lovechild two weeks before marrying the footballer’s brother.

Natasha Giggs has revealed she became pregnant by the married father of two while preparing to tie the knot with his unsuspecting brother, Rhodri.

It now seems likely that Ryan Giggs was seeing at least three women at the same time: his wife Stacey, sister-in-law Natasha and Imogen Thomas, a one-time Big Brother contestant.

Natasha has claimed Ryan Giggs arrived on his bicycle to give her £500 towards terminating her pregnancy.

The mother of two, who is said to have had an eight-year affair with the footballer, married  Rhodri in Las Vegas last June.

Yesterday a friend told media: ‘Rhodri is really, really cut up about the whole thing. Seeing these dreadful allegations by a woman he thought he loved splashed over several pages of a Sunday tabloid is not helping at the moment and he is feeling very, very raw.

‘He is unable to go out and show his face in public and he feels he is being compelled to live the life of a hermit while his wife splurges details of this sordid matter all over the place. He is the victim.’

There is now even more pressure on Giggs’s sponsors to fire him.

The allegations – including talk last week of perhaps a third mistress – echo the scandal that cost golfing champion Tiger Woods millions of dollars in golfing endorsements.

Giggs is battling to save his four-year marriage to wife Stacey, and last week took her and their two young children to a secret holiday destination.

The 37-year-old Manchester United midfielder is said to have made his sister-in-law pregnant on the day in April last year that he scored two goals in a victory for his team.