A former Hollyoaks actress, who was permanently blinded in one eye after she was glassed in a city centre bar in Manchester, has testified against the woman charged with assaulting her.

Charlotte Davies, 26, was ‘absolutely traumatised’ by the attack last March.

Sarah Harding, 21, from Horwich, near Bolton, Greater Manchester, has admitted causing grievous bodily harm and throwing the glass at Miss Davies. But she denies intent.

The Manchester Crown Court heard how both women were at the Living Room in Deansgate, when an argument broke out between Hardin and one of Davies’ friends.

The court heard that Davies was putting her make-up on when she heard a glass smash. Harding then shouted at Davies and, when the actress turned around, the bulb of the wine glass was thrown in her face like ‘a cricket ball’, the court heard.

Davies said: “It was like a shot of lightning in my face.

“There was blood pumping out of my eye and I could hear people shouting everywhere. I was absolutely traumatised.”