Jet (EMI)

“They got the beat on repeat,” slurs Nic Cester on track two. Well, yes. Few listeners will arrive at Shaka Rock – which has the most pathetic cover art of any mainstream rock album released this year – expecting a surprise. Jet don’t really do surprises. But still, the lack of variety and originality on the Melbourne quartet’s third LP is quite something.

The problem isn’t Jet repeating themselves. Most bands do that. It’s they’re repeating themselves repeating other people in a regurgitation of clichés that were clichés before any of the group were born.

Shaka Rock sounds more colourful than Get Born, and carries more life than Shine On. But it’s their third album, so it also carries fewer excuses, especially when it comes to the schoolboy lyrics. “Your heart’s on fire,” yowls Cester, “but you’re cold to the touch.” Fire! Cold! And that’s one of the better lines.

The worst part? Knowing that album number four will sound exactly the same.