The officers discovered Rosi the lamb when they swooped to seize marijuana and associated drug paraphernalia during a raid on the premises.

The innocent animal had been stolen from Nuremberg Zoo and transported 170 miles to the brothel, where she spent nine days before her rescue. The prostitute has since been banned from keeping animals, having previously had 25 other creatures stolen for her.

Rosi is now back with her herd after a spell in quarantine. “She’s doing wonderfully. She’s fully integrated back into the herd,” a zoo spokesman told The Local.

Rosi was born in April, and had to be fed by keepers when her mother did not suckle properly. When she disappeared it was initially believed that she had been eaten by a fox or had drowned in a passing stream. But it is now believed the thieves waited for staff to go to lunch before smuggling the lamb out of the zoo.